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Beat the Summer heat with rejuvenating Cold Press Juices!
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Whole Slow Juicer EVO 700

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Upgraded Juicing Screw (Auger)

Upgraded Ultem screw for best juice extraction

The simplified screw, made of BpA-free Ultem, minimizes pulp buildup inside the juicer and increases the juice yield. It also makes cleanup easier.

Upgraded Juicing Bowl

Juicing Bowl makes cleaning easier.

The simplified juicing bowl has less parts to worry about, making assembly and cleanup easier.

3 in 1 Multi-Function

3 in 1 Multi Juicer (Juicer, Sorbet Maker*, Smoothie Maker*)

The product can be widely used for making juice as well as ice cream/sorbet and smoothies.
Replace the juice strainer with a sorbet strainer for ice cream, and with a smoothie strainer for soft smoothies.
*Smoothie & Sorbet strainer need to be purchased separately they are not included in the package.





Smoothie Strainer



Blank Strainer



Kuvings Slow Juicers cold-press juice evenly and gently from fruits, vegetables, and nuts. With the slow-speed masticating technology, there is minimal separation and oxidation.

Smoothie maker (Optional)

Change your Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer into a smoothie maker with this strainer attachment.

Frozen dessert maker (Optional)

Simple and healthy ice creams, sorbets, and other frozen treats are easy with the blank strainer.


This product has a sleek design that uses up less counter space. Also, the translucent hopper/lid enables you to see the ingredients being juiced.

Fresh Juice

Kuvings' juicers enable making juices with vegetables and fruits that are not easy to have daily, leaving flavor and nutrients intact without any additives.

Clean Up

You can easily clean up trace residues in the juice strainer. Put the rotating cleaning brush and the juice strainer together and twist them against each other.


The Smart Cap prevents leaking while pouring juice in a glass. It helps more than two kinds of ingredients mix together for richer and various customized juices.


The safety-lock system is equipped with a design that allows it to work only if the main components are assembled properly.


With its built-in quiet design and slow-rotating, special deceleration motor, Kuvings juicers generate less noise and vibration.


Model EVO 700
Color Metallic Silver, Red
Type Vertical low-speed masticating
Speed 50 RPM
Wattage 240W
Voltage AC220-240V, 50Hz
Dimensions 228 x 208 x 446 (mm)
Weight 10.3 kg
Capacity 400ml
Maximum Use Less than 30 minutes
Materials Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC