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Project Description

Almond Butter Smoothie

Almond Butter Smoothie

Almond Butter Smoothie is a creamy smoothie that everyone can enjoy.

  • Frozen Apple (90g), Frozen Avocado (20g),
    Lemon(with skin) (30g), Milk (250g),
    Almond Butter (15g),
    Maca Power (15g), Flaxseed (15g)

1. Defrost the frozen apple for 5 minutes.
2. Defrost the frozen Avocado for 5 minutes.
(seed and skin removed)
3. Add frozen apple, frozen avocado, lemon and milk.
(Pour the milk prior to other ingredients and let the juicer run for 2 minutes to mix.)
4. Add almond butter, maca powder, flaxsed for better flavor.