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Greek Yogurt Ice-Cream

Greek Yogurt Ice-Cream

If you have to watch your figure, yet cannot give up eating sweet ice-cream, make clean and plain Greek Yogurt Ice-Cream. You can enjoy softer Greek yogurt ice-cream without thinking of calories.

  • Greek Yogurt (400g), Fresh Cream (50ml),
    Milk (300ml)

1 Dissolve 50 g of sugar in 300 ml of milk.
2 When the sugar is dissolved, pour 400 g of Greek yogurt and 500 ml of fresh cream. Mix them well and pour it into a mold. Freeze it in a freezer.
3 When it is slightly frozen, scrape it with a fork and mix it one more time. (Repeat this 1~2 times to get a softer ice-cream.)
4 Scoop out the frozen, soft Greek yogurt ice-cream.If you scrape the ingredients every hour, you can get a softer Greek yogurt ice-cream.TIP